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Well, instead of “we”, I have to use “I” because the truth is, there is only one person managing this blog – that’s me. Before I forgot, I’m a Filipino and English is not my first language so forgive me for having errors.

I started using Weebly dated back 2012. Weebly was very simple that time w/ only few themes available. I was very happy to use their service because of the easy-to-follow steps in creating a website. Having a website is a big accomplishment in life though I really have very little knowledge about coding. Seriously at those moments, I’m very happy with little accomplishments like changing my header image.
One year later, drown by my curiosity, I started dissecting my website. I started asking “What is this and how was it done?” And that’s the time I started my little research.

Meanwhile, I was indulged with those “money making tricks” like PTC, PPV and the like except of course those that are proved and trusted. I began participating them and almost forgot my Weebly sites. This time, I used blogger instead. Unfortunately, I found myself creating spammy blogs just to draw cheap traffics to promote my affiliation links and even worse, telling people about making money in an exaggerated way. This period is a waste of time but atleast I learn to create blog in Blogger.

End of 2013, I visited my Weebly site where still, everything is normal. I am thinking of ways on how to spice up my sites by adding elements that Weebly doesn’t provide directly. Seriously, I started researching for widgets and other add ons that can be inserted on my site. I encountered unfamiliar terms like HTML, CSS, JQuery etc so I began studying them.

It is my honour to indicate the sites I used and still using because they deserve to. For blogging tips and SEO (Blogger), I use mybloggertricks.com as my best site. For basic knowledge about coding I used w3schools.com, stackoverflow.com and other similar sites/ forums. For editing tools, I use codepen.io and the Google Chrome Inspect Element. Sources of ready to use effects, I use dynamicdrive.com, codrops and others. Without them, our Weebly blog here is nothing.

The hardest part of creating a tutorial is understanding Weebly itself. The structure of their template is quiet different and will give you a headache the first time you saw them. It is always been a challenge for me to insert widgets in order to be compatible with Weebly. So I can say, this is not an easy task but there is nothing better than helping you while enjoying what I’m doing.

Now that I know little about coding, I am advancing myself to study more complicated widgets. This will take time and mistakes of course. So if you can see errors on my tutorials I will accept correction since I can’t say I am a Weebly expert. With limited knowledge, I cannot add every widget you like or solve every problem you have. The Official Weebly Team will be there to support you and I wouldn't compete with them, I’m simply helping you find solutions to queries they cannot directly answer.

This blog is not my job. I have my real life job here as a housekeeping service centre attendant. However, I don’t want to make this as a profit site. All my tutorials are free to use because the code source are also free. I am spending 1-2 hours a day just to look for new effects/info and post them the other day. Maintaining this site however needs money including the payment for my internet connection at the apartment which is hard to attain. I can only research while on work (without my boss hehe). I’m offering paid ad slots to those promoting their site so perhaps I can sustain my expenses. Also, you can donate to my PayPal using the donation button my sidebar. Thank You!

That’s all about me and my best friend: myweeblytricks.com.

"Everybody has to start somewhere else"
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