January 5, 2014

How to Activate Weebly’s Email Subscription

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/05/2014

Email subscription is a very important tool to webmasters specially a business related website. Weebly offers a form called RSVP for email subscribers but that doesn’t do more. You may want to take things easier, “Auto” as they say. But in Weebly, only blogs can have an RSS feed.

Well we’ve got 3 things to configure.

1. Create a Blog

First, you need to make a blog with at least one post on it. Only then your RSS address can be visible. It is usually located on the side bar, bottom area. Once published, open the new published post to new tab. Hover your mouse on the RSS icon and get the link address.

The number of RSS feeds that can be shown in to your website depends on how many blogs you created.

2. Registering your Feed Address

Now go to http://feedburner.google.com where we are going to register your RSS from your email subscriber blog. Input your RSS Feed address and click “next “all the way until finally you have successfully registered your Site Feed.

3. Configuring your FeedBurner

This is a very vital part of editing your Feed preferences. Go to Optimize tab and activate the following:

  • BrowserFriendly
  • SmartFeed
  • FeedFlare (check the services you want to include)
  • Summary Burner

Now click on the “Publicize” Tab and choose Email Subscriptions on the left side. Scroll to the bottom and click the word “Activate”. You need to activate this feature so that people can be notified to your new posts via email. If you are not using any widget for your email subscriber form, you may use the provided code and paste it directly your Weebly site via “embed code”.

Also you need to activate PingShot.

Email MArketiing

You can now subscribe to your own feed and experiment the outputs. Remember to change the time of delivery by going to the “delivery option” below the “email subscriptions” area. Select your appropriate time zone and the time of delivery. You may want to use Mashable V2 as your form for inviting readers to join in your email list.

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