July 23, 2014

Author's Pick #1 - Getting Real Audience for Your Site

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 7/23/2014

It isn't the amount of traffic that really matters, rather the conversion of viewers to readers and eventually, readers to subscribers. This scenario is every site owners' wish. Talking about my experience, I would like to share some tips on how to get real audiences for your website. These tips are not the fastest way I know but simply the most effective I did.


To get started, you need a tracking tool for your website visitors. I personally used and recommend Clicky Analytics cause it gives you a real time tracking of who’s visiting your site. You can track what sites brings visitors to you. On my case, I can easily track who uses my tutorials because I visit each site and examine it just like the image above.


Making your audience feel important should be your priority. Once you tracked them, find their email address and personally invite them to your forum if you have. You may offer your services and freebies. Always remember to give them a warm greeting and do not spam. Email them just once and never ever use their contacts for unnecessary intentions.


This is completely optional. Aside from your site, you may include a blog or forum to answer small questions. It is important to build a community discussion regarding topics that may not be suitable to talk on the comment area. Sometimes, long conversations on post comments look spammy. However, it might be difficult to manage both of them so you better plan ahead. As you can see, I built an embedded forum on my blog to accommodate your questions and requests. And from those questions, I make detailed tutorials.


I used the term "mapping" to show how visitors go to your site through external sources. Prominently, people will find your site on search engine results like Google. But this only happens when you do the proper Search Engine Optimization. So to utilize your mapping technique, I suggest you to create account for the following:

  • Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google Plus and Linkedin - Always answer each reader's queries and include the info source. This will take that visitor back to your site. You may use Buffer to create an auto post for your newly published article and save time.
  • Pinterest - Each description must include the source link usually on the ending.
  • Yahoo Answer - Always visit YA and scan for questions related to your site. Create a brief but detailed answer, include photos if necessary. At the end of your answer, you may include the page of your site where you get the answer. Do not spam, answer if you really know and limit with 2-3 answers a day. I already have a Level 2 account and little more for Level 3.
  • Just like Yahoo Answer, find more forums and kept answering.  But never act too smart, always be humble and polite. Respect the author and keep your limitations. Other than just answering, you may vote for those who have better answers than yours.


These are the methods I manually used aside from doing simple SEO. I don't have a huge traffic because my topic is narrow and my site is new. I'm fine with this, at least, I helped those "few" who come across my site. Always remember, stick with your topic and build trust first. Monetization comes along.

So how about you? How do you managed to get your visitors coming back?

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