August 15, 2014

Author's Pick #4 - 10 Capsulated Tips That Can Change The Way You Edit Your Weebly Site

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 8/15/2014

Capsulated tips for Weebly

There are so many widgets, CSS3 effects, JQuery plug ins and other add ons out there. Some are so good that we wish our site could have it too! Some seems complicated, in fact, its simple. We only need a formula, a simple knowledge, a tiny trick to make it work.

The 1 page article I was about to send you can change the way you design your Weebly Site.

This is so precious that I can only share to my FeedBurner Subscribers. No exemption.

Some people, (including me) spent hours even days figuring out how to make those effects working on Weebly Template. Some techies might already know it but they never share.

Here in My Weebly Tricks, I will share it for FREE. And I will send it to you personally that's why I need you to be my FeedBurner Subscriber. That's all I ask, just a minute from you.

Actually, to be clear, I didn't make the codes you've seen and you've used on our site, I just edit it. Generous people creates the code patiently, and most of the time, they do it for free. My Weebly Tricks can never stand without those free codes. It's then my responsibility to include the code author and code source for each tutorial.

On our part, we are challenged of the question "How will I insert those plug ins in my Weebly site?". I guess you already ask that yourself. Then we started testing it with the basic knowledge we know. Unfortunately, the one that we want most turns out to be a failure. Then we research, research, research and finally end up with our own site. I know the feeling of being "frustrated".

But sometimes, the solution itself knocks our door. What I mean is, we discover new things through a mistake or trial and error. That's why I am advicing you to be curoius trying out new things, don't be afraid of committing mistake. As the ape on the movie "Dawn of the Planet of Apes" say "scars makes you strong".

Finally, I discovered a formula, as in simple formula to manage your CSS3, HTML5, and JQuery plug-in working together to achieve your goal. This formula works most of the time. Now you can't say "Oh, Weebly is a crap! It doesn't support HTML5, CSS3, Jquery of some type and bla bla bla". Now you can make your slideshows, carousels and sliders working.

You don't have to code to learn this formula, In fact I can say it in few sentences but I want to take this moment to gain your help. It wont cost you a penny, just be my FeedBurner subscriber and I will send the info right on the email address you used.

I'm telling it again, this knowledge is so precious that you can't find it anywhere else. Such advantage for designers out there. And for basic web editors, you will need this info to understand our next awesome tutorials. To give you a sample of what we can do with these 10 tips I was about to give you, use Chrome and  visit this link: That is our homepage for our second demo site and it can't be done with simple knowledge alone.

So what are you waiting for, subscribe below and get that "10 Capsulated Tips That Can Change The Way You Edit Your Weebly Site" for FREE.

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