September 20, 2014

Author's Pick #8 - Weebly's Next Great Updates for Blogs

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 9/20/2014

Weebly Latest Updates

Be sure not to miss Weebly's next updates for bloggers. As we know, Weebly is famous with its eCommerce and photo showcasing capabilities. Now it's time to retouch it's blogging platform.

Last September 17 this year, Weebly announces on their blog that they will be adding new features on their blogging platform and take note, this is for every account type.

Let's enumerate the updates one by one:

- Improved UI 

- Enabling scheduled posting

- Added commenting system: Facebook and Disqus

- One click display the sidebar or not

- Toggle and configure social sharing buttons for all post

- Adding Title Tag and Meta description for SEO purposes

- Customizable post permalinks

- Header codes (for AdSense perhaps)

- Footer Codes (for News Letter Subscription)

- Controllable post per page

My favorite update will be the addition of Disqus and Facebook commenting system. In the past, we have been researching for codes that could enable us to add them but now Weebly brought us what we need.

You can now moderate your comments using your Facebook or Disqus account.

The Title Tag and Meta description helps you gain rank and be recognized by Search Engines.

If you don't want you sidebar to appear, simply toggle the button. No more coding required.

You can now ad your AdSense code to be visible on each post (top of the post title).

Or get more email subscribers by adding your subscription widgets just below your post.

Try all these features, log out to your Weebly account and log in to

Goodluck and be sure to share this good news!

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