January 3, 2014

3 Steps in Building Social Network Profile for New Bloggers

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/03/2014

Steps in building your social network profile

My previous post teaches you the value and management of Social Networking Sites to Blogger. This time, I want to discuss how to build your SNS profile effectively. Its an easy step and should be taken early in your blogging career although you might already have social network accounts before you knew blogging. But perhaps that's your personal and we need to make accounts exclusive for your website promotion. 

Step 1. Start Building
For sure, you wont say "pass" to Facebook. Its on the top of the chart and configuring account there is easy. I only pick Facebook as an example because once you did good on it, same will happen to other SNS (Social Networking Sites). Create a Fan Page with a profile pic using your website logo and a cover photo with your site banner. Your Fan Page details should be vivid, include your website address and fill up the descriptions, both short and long.

That's it! You don't have to invite for now assuming your website is new with little contents on it. Do the same step with your other SNS accounts.

Step 2. Get Initial Followers

Assuming you already have accounts, we need to take some tweaks. Others might pass this but it can help new fan pages to grow. Careful to use this step only once preferably in the earliest stage of building your SNS profile.
As I told earlier, never display your SNS widgets with 0 or 3 followers on it.
Below are FREE sites to join and after couple of hours you can display your widgets with 50 to 100 followers in it.


Just make sure you have more than 20 friends in your Facebook Account. Don't use their services for long, 50 followers in each SNS is enough and stop. I will discuss soon why not to use them too much.

Step 3. Let it Flow Naturally

Once you achieved having initial followers for free, you can now associate them to your widgets and display them in your site. Create unique and useful articles and I am sure, you wont bother inviting people again to like and follow you in your SNS profile. Organic likes will come with true people in it.
Take sometime to find and follow people whom can help you or is related to your blog. Know everything about the surroundings to keep you updated.

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