January 3, 2014

Social Networks and Bloggers

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/03/2014
Social networking sites has evolved and continuesly evolving adpating the needs of human beings. The impact has benefited lots of advertisers, webmasters and bloggers. 

Undoutedly, participating these social networking sites is the easiest way to reach people specially when your website is new. Sharing your posts directly to this accounts gives you a constant social traffics.

Every blogger needs a social network account which includes the most popular Facebook, Twitter, Google + and a fast growing community of Tumblr. There are lots of widgets that can be inserted in your own site offering visitors to like your page or share it with their friends.

But according to Mohammad, one of the author of mybloggertricks.com, be aware not to show all your social networkings specially those that do not have members on it. 
Example if your Facebook Fanpage is 0, new visitors often ignore to like it. The value of the visible number is important to the eye. In an opposite manner, say you have 2000 Facebook fans, then new visitors are more encouraged to be a part of that 2000.

Never put too many social networking icons in your website, a number of two to three will be enough. Don't let your visitors be destructed by giving too much to think while reading your articles. But you can always put more sharing tools after your post. Some visitors share articles if they found it really useful.

The locations of your social network icons is also a vital part. Followers for your Facebook Fanpage, Google + and Twitter should be placed on your right sidebar while sharing tools are comfortable below the post or floating in the left. 

Never interfere articles with these icons and think twice in using pop ups because not too many visitors will like it.

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