January 7, 2014

Adding Neko: The Mouse Chaser to Weebly

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/07/2014

Add Neko to Weebly
So what is Neko all about? Neko (Japanese for cat) is  of course a cat with beautiful colors. I do not know if Neko is a boy or girl, I just pretend it’s a boy. But when Pink Neko is your choice perhaps that is girl. 
Neko is tiny and sits on the top left on the screen waiting for you to play with. Just click Neko and he will start chasing wherever mouse pointer goes and click him again to stop.  This is just a fan plug in for websites related to kids and the like. Or if you just want to waste your time looking at it running after your mouse.

Ok to begin with:

1. Go to http://webneko.net

2. You will see lists of Neko with different styles. Click any of your choice.

3. Once you've chosen, you will be given 2 sets of HTML codes. You can choose any of the two, copy it and ready to add to your lay out.

4. Look foe the <head>. More information about head, click here.

5. Paste the code you just copied from Neko site and you are done!!

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  1. Its not working for me. Can you help me?

    1. Hi Sanchit,,, please use the forum. Thank You so much.



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