January 8, 2014

How to buy domain if you’re from the Philippines

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/08/2014

So you came to the point you are ready to buy your own custom domain? But you keep asking yourself how and where you will buy. I too, was once like you so I will share my story on how I bought my first domain.

In the Philippines, anyone can make a PayPal Account but not all of them have the ability to verify it. It might be due to no direct top upping of its account or can’t get a credit card.

Most hosting sites need a verified PayPal Account to complete transactions but there are others who don’t. If you have a verified account, you're free to buy to any hosting site you want, but if you aren't, better read this. 

Buy domain name using unverified PayPal

So where can you buy? Just go to Namecheap.com, they sell top domains like .com for only $9 to $11 per year. They are accepting unverified PayPal and also Bitcoin if you have one. Their support team is friendly and ready to guide you 24/7. They will even take your place as a costumer if you are a first timer.

Buy domain name using Gcash

If you really don’t have any online account, you can still register a domain using your Gcash. Gcash is like a virtual currency for TM and Globe subscribers which can be used to buy items online or even to malls and local stores. You must register with your SIM card and load it from the nearest Globe Station.

Once you’ve set up your Gcash, load it with P500 and go to Pangalan.com. They have a promo of P199 per domain so grab it now soon as possible. On their site, you can read a tutorial on how to buy a domain using your Gcash via DragonPay which takes only a minute to transact.

I’ve bought one domain from them and everything went fine. Using your newly registered domain to your Weebly account is another easy task, just read this one http://www.pangalan.com/faqs/setting-up-with-weebly.pdf.

Hope this one helps, you can always comment below for any questions.

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