January 19, 2014

Benefits of Custom Email Address from your Domain Name

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/19/2014

Having a custom email address after your website name is still an option. For individual webmasters having personal blogs, a commercial free email is most preferred. Lots of free reliable email providers like Yahoo Mail and Gmail offers quality service which is among the choice of many. But if you are running a business especially having multiple departments, you may opt using free one instead register an email address after your domain’s name. 

Lately, I’ve been talking about Weebly’s new feature which is offering a free 15 days trial for you to own a custom email address, of course only if you have your own domain not a sub domain. This feature tends to build your company’s credibility. Having your custom email is like owning a top level domain.

Here are benefits of custom email address provided by Weebly:
(Source: Weebly.com)

1. No setup needed - We take care of everything for you making it super quick and easy to get your email up and running.

2. 30 aliases per user - Create up to 30 aliases/user. An alias is an alternative address (i.e. contact@company.com) that delivers email your primary address (you@company.com).

3. Manage your website & email all in one place - Simplify your life by managing everything directly from Weebly.

4. Get your email anywhere - Enjoy the convenience of reading and replying to your email from any computer or your mobile.

5. Create instant credibility - A branded email address gives you a little something extra and builds trust with potential customers.

6. Promote and build your brand - A simple, high-impact way to create a consistent and professional online presence.

7. Enjoy the full Google Apps suite - Along with email you get a centralized calendar, storage and chat.

In general, having an email address after your website name has lots of benefits including the option to create different names you can assign to your departments sample like hr@yourwebsite.com or finance@yourwebsite.com. You can also choose any name you want unlike a free email that it should be unique and no else has ever taken that name.

The email itself serves as a copy of your company name which people can easily recognize and follow. If you register your domain outside Weebly make sure a free email account is included. So what are you waiting for, visit Weebly now… or your domain provider and set up your personal email.

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