January 18, 2014

How to Set Up Free Email Address for your Website in Weebly

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 1/18/2014

Set Up Weebly's Custom Email
A while ago, I received a message from Weebly regarding its new development featuring email for your personal website's name. The format is like yourname@yourwebsite.com which is powered by Google. 
You can only acquire this feature if you have bought your own domain name either from Weebly itself or anywhere in the net. Subdomains are not qualified for this. The price annually is $50 but they are offering 10% discount so hurry. Weebly also offers a 15 days free trial so anyone can experience how it works. 

To get your website email just follow these simple steps:

1. A new tab was added on the main menu entitled “EMAIL”, click it.

2. Select which website you like and enter your preferred email name. You will be given a temporary password which can be edited later.

3. Click the log in link to configure your new email, this will lead you to Google Email.

4. Read the Agreement and enter the verification code below the texts. After that, click “ I accept and continue to my account”.

So you’re done! The layout is much like a normal Gmail, only that your space capacity has increased from 15 to 30 gig and the preset labels are gone. You may have to create new labels for your own.

Going back to Weebly, click on the EMAIL tab again and now you can see a new account with your name and your email address. You have the option to rename, reset your password, add aliases or even delete user.

The last thing to do is to configure your MX records to your domain name provider but due to their different control panel I suggest better read this guide from Google.

On my next article I will talk about the benefits of having a custom email with your websites name.

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