February 17, 2014

How to Get More Facebook Likes Using the Birthday Method

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 2/17/2014

Get more Facebook Likes with Birthday Method
Not only every blogger but every site owner should have a Facebook Account. Though carefully identify intention whether that Facebook Account should be used as personal or promotional. Since we are talking about website owners, I suggest concentrate in your Fan Page with your site’s name instead of spending time on your personal profile.

Build a Fan Page based on your website and make sure to complete every detail. Make it realistic including the photos used. Now build up friends and make sure that before inviting them, your Fan Page should have atleast an interesting content.

I've been doing it myself and found it effective. Since its irritating to directly invite people repeatedly, well atleast now invite them annually.  The key element here is the more friends you have the more birthday celebrants to invite. 

How to do it?

1. From your Facebooks’s Home you can see the icon (top right) of Birthday Cake and the number of your friends having birthday on that day. Click it.

2. It then allows you to post directly on their profile page using a comment box next to their photo.

3. Customize you message, make it something real or it should be REAL from the bottom of your heart and at the end of the message invite him/her to like your page. Something likes this:

“Hi (name), Wow it’s your birthday today! May you have all the blessings and live happily! Anyway if you have time can you like my Fan Page: (Your Fan Page) Thank You so mUch!!"

Make it even better if you use same language as the celebrant.

4. Having 5 to 10 celebrants a day is not bad.. atleast 2 to 3 likes out of ten is acceptable. Just make it a habit and you will get used to it. Anyway this is better than spamming other profiles and groups.

That’s it… simple but effective, slow but sure.

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