February 16, 2014

Two Months Free Email from Namecheap.com

Posted by Domingo Tambasacan at 2/16/2014

Free Email From Namecheap.com
Though myweeblytricks specifies topics from Weebly News and Development, I also have to offer alternatives because I wrote articles NOT for Weebly but for Weebly Users. This free email is also available for sites hosted in different webhosting companies.

Since Weebly offers a 15 days trial for their custom email, namecheap.com offers a TWO MONTHS free email in any of their 3 packages. While Weebly’s Email is powered by Google and has its own benefits, check out Namecheap too!

Here is a quick look according to their website:

Web-based Email

With full browser support, Open-Xchange’s slick interface makes email enjoyable again. With no ads, no expensive software requirements and no privacy concerns, our webmail is perfect for individuals and businesses alike.

A Unified Approach

Open-Xchange allows you to manage multiple email accounts from different providers under one roof. Email overload is a thing of the past!

Mobile Support

Business and Business Office plans support Apple iPhone, Android (all vendors), Blackberry, Windows Mobile (all vendors) and Nokia. For advanced users: We support ActiveSync, CalDav, WebDav and other protocols.

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate securely and simply. Our Business and Business Office plans feature full groupware support, allowing you to share emails, documents, appointments, contacts, task lists and more.

I tried to register my site and everything works fine. To get a FREE 2 months period, here are some tips.

1.  Go to namecheap.com and register.

2. Optional but recommended, register to their affiliate program.

3. Go to Hosting > Email Hosting. You will be given 3 sets of packages, choose what you like and INSTEAD of choosing 1 year as the duration, choose 2 months and that would be free.

4. Choose Account Funds for your payment. Later, upon expiration, you can pay with the funds you accumulated from your affiliate earnings or pay directly with PayPal. Anyway the price is cheap. This is a promo so avail now while it lasts.

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